The central focus of Top Women in Business and Government is gender empowerment in the workplace.

In order to determine the ranking of the top 100 gender empowered companies in South Africa, organisations are evaluated according to a set of criteria which can be broadly grouped into employment and control criteria on the one hand, and policy criteria on the other.

Within the former group, organisations are measured in terms of the extent to which women are represented within employment, management and ownership.

This includes whether the organisation has a female CEO, MD or chairperson; and the proportion of women within overall employment, and amongst executive directors, management and senior management.

The proportion of female ownership is another criterion within this group.

The second set of criteria reflects organisations’ commitment to gender equality and empowerment as is evidenced by the existing nature of company policies.

The establishment of written policies that are specifically women-focussed and designed to encourage the retention of women in the workplace; as well as corporate social investment (CSI) expenditures which hone in on the development of women, represent a critical set of criteria within the policy sphere.

This data is rigorously researched and analysed over a period of one year.

Based on the above crieria, the following are the 100 most gender empowered companies in South Africa.

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