As an entrepreneurial woman striving to establish a business legacy making headway is anything but easy, but Top Woman Dolly Mbuyane is living proof that persevering will come to change your own life, as well as many others.

In 2002, CEO Dolly Mbuyane established Nozihle Cleaning Services (NCS) with minimal capital and only two cleaners in her employ. Today, NCS boasts more than 200 employees on its payroll including a growing client base. The company has received several industry accolades – proof that there’s a living entrepreneurial spirit in people when they are given the opportunity.

Mbuyane recounted to Top Women:

“I established the company back in 2002, however, we only formally started operating in 2004. When my business was struggling to grow, I approached SEDA for assistance. Since then our revenue increased by more than 100% and our staff complement has grown to 173 permanent and 30 casual staff. We’ve signed contracts with several big organisations like Shell South Africa, Mbombela Municipality, Dayizenza Plaza, SABC, Old Mutual, Shoprite and Emnotweni Casino to name but a few.”

We asked her about the company’s many accolades:

“NCS won a PMR Diamond Arrow Award in 2013 and 2014, then the Gold in 2015, followed by Diamond again in 2016. We won a Ligugu Lami Award in 2013; a SASDC Shining Star in 2015, and we were the proud runners-up of the 2012 SEDA Small Business Stars competition, as well as the  KLCBT/Nedbank Small Enterprise Award in 2011.”

Do you plan to grow the company even further?

“We would like to have a bigger national footprint by having branches in all provinces, as well as expand on our service offering.”

As a business owner, what valuable lessons have you learnt?

“Over the years, I have learnt to make informed decisions. You need to be knowledgeable and

understand business principles. Teaching taught me people skills – a crucial asset in my business to maintain good relations with clients – while business management helped me understand ethics, corporate governance and the economy of our country.”

How do you ensure your services remain environmentally friendly?

“We prioritise the use of eco-friendly products – utilising cleaning products that contain little to no volatile organic compounds, and we train our staff in sustainable development issues.”

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

“Persevere, work hard and continue to develop yourself. Never give up on your dream. Be innovative, open your mind to learning something new every day. Join business associations and do something that challenges you. Put systems in place, which is difficult to do when the business is already established and fully operational. God is the best CEO. I always put Him first in my business, and He has never let me down.” 

Thank you, Dolly Mbuyane, for being a job creator – and an inspiration to women everywhere.