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Zevoli Consulting is a 100% black women-owned advisory and project management company. Our special focus is enterprise and supplier diversity/development.

Our highly qualified team of 12 permanent staff and 6 strategic partners enable organisations on their transformation and growth path. We ourselves have grown from an EME to QSE in the last 4 years.

We enable our clients to achieve organic growth and success by engineering creative solutions that unlock and create tangible value. As a business, we pride ourselves in designing fit-for-purpose solutions that address commercial growth whilst ensuring sustainability of an inclusive society.

Our clients not only realise the full scope of the much-needed BEE scorecard points, but also benefit from our ability to marry their strategy with that of the companies they nurture for their mutual benefit. Thus, over time, we have taken our clients from “How do we initiate BEE and ESD?” to “How do we optimise ESD?” to “How do we innovate whilst achieving shared value?

Our Services

Strategy Design & Integration

Most clients already have an existing Enterprise Development strategy, which may require revision to respond to Procurement needs. Zevoli focuses on supporting both teams to develop programs that respond to and add value to the process of supplier diversity by addressing the issue of underperforming/under-utilised ED suppliers, un-transformed suppliers and the misalignment of objectives between Enterprise and Supplier Development.

Program Execution

Zevoli has both tactical and strategic solutions using an ecosystem that encourages collaboration along the value chain resulting in operational efficiency and supplier diversity.

Advisory Services

The journey towards supplier diversity is a lengthy process with the ultimate goal of introducing high impact suppliers that can respond to Procurement’s challenges of meeting the right price, right quality and embed continuous improvement systems resulting in cost containment.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Zevoli Monitoring and Evaluation is three pronged. It focuses on the KPI’s for the beneficiary, who is an SME in this case; the KPI’s to meet the objective of the Measured Entity (Corporate Client) and those that contribute to National objectives.

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