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The Oticon mission is as straightforward as it is worthwhile:

To help people with hearing loss fulfil their potential while living the life they choose – with the hearing they have.

To achieve this, Oticon strives to be the leader in high performance hearing solutions, and to supply the most sophisticated technology and audiology possible. But helping people fulfil their potential includes much more than delivering on the most advanced hearing science and innovative cutting edge designs. Through the People First promise, Oticon has placed a deep appreciation and understanding of what people need, desire and are driven by, as the core of all our innovation. Quite simply, we put the individual needs and wishes of people with hearing loss first in our development of new.

We are founded on care

Founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife suffered from hearing loss, Oticon was built on care and empathy from the very beginning.

Powered by a relentless drive for innovation, Oticon has since been at the absolute forefront of technology that improves the lives of people with hearing loss.

People First

People are our starting point.

People First is a promise: That everything we do always begins with the people we are doing it for. We are not simply trying to help you hear more, but to live more.

Our insights

Getting older no longer means settling down. People expect more from life than ever. And we do everything we can to deliver.

Today’s ageing generation takes care of their health and wellbeing, they are better educated and informed than previous generations and they want to stay connected to the world around them. We use the insight we get from these hearing aid users to shape our solutions and we work together with hearing care professionals to empower users to live the life they want.

Our promise

People First is about empowering people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively.

We know that your life is your life. And as your circumstances, needs and demands change, so does our challenge: To change with you, and deliver the solution you need to communicate, interact and participate. Our promise supports this in every way. Everything we do – from solutions to support tools – is designed to empower people to play an active part in life.

Our commitment

People insight

Knowledge about users’ needs and challenges is the foundation for everything we do. User-tests, interviews and research – this is the fuel that powers our innovation.


True innovation only happens when we work together, scientists, anthropologists, hearing aid users and their relatives, to find ways our technologies can meet the needs our insights reveal.

Empowering people

We channel our people insight into solutions that support any lifestyle and any age. Our innovation efforts are never about what the product can do, but what it can do for you.

Let's communicate

This is our invitation to join the conversation

Our company is driven by a dedication to doing things better and our innovative culture is geared to meeting the needs of a changing world. Whether you are a hearing aids user or a hearing care professional, we invite you to follow us as we share our progress towards a world where hearing loss is free from taboos and easily solved. But we also invite you to do more: Communicate, engage, participate. Become a part of the conversation – and the solution.

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