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The mission of the North West Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development is to work with partners to provide sustainable agricultural and rural development.

The department’s strategic objectives are to review and develop legislative and policy instruments; develop and implement capacity building programmes; develop and implement service delivery programme plans; improve extension and advisory services; ensure implementation of legislative/policy instruments; conduct appropriate research and technology transfer; establish service delivery partnerships; ensure business management and leadership; and implement resource management policies.


Vibrant and Prosperous Society in harmony with our natural resources.


Working together with our partners to provide sustainable Agricultural, Environmental Management and comprehensive integrated Rural Development.


Legislative and other mandates
1.1. Constitutional Mandates
The Department is governed by certain mandates that are enshrined in the
Constitution of South Africa. These relevant sections of the constitution are
stipulated below.

Section 27b of the Constitution of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996 states that
everyone has the right to have access to sufficient food and the state must take
reasonable legislative and other measures within its available resources, to
achieve the progressive realisation of this right.

2.2. Legislative mandates
The following list of Acts reflects the legislative mandates of the department:
• Agricultural Debt Management Act, No. 45 of 2001
• Agricultural Pests Act, No 36 of 1983
• Animal Health Act, No 7 of 2002 (To replace Animal Disease Act, 1984)
• Animal Identification Act, No 6 of 2002
• Animal Improvement Act, No 62 of 1998
• Communal Property Association Act, No 28 of 1996
• Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, No 43 of 1983
• Development Facilitation Act, No 67 of 1997
• Land and Agricultural Development Bank Act, No 15 of 2002
• Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, No 47 of 1996
• Meat Safety Act, No 40 of 2002
• North West Land Administration Act, No 4 of 2001
• Prevention of Illegal Eviction from Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, No19 of
• Problem Animal Control Ordinance Act, No 26 of 1957
• Provincial Growth and Development Strategy
• Accelerated Shared Growth Initiative of South Africa (ASGISA)
• Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act, No 70 of 1970 as amended
• Taung Agricultural College Amendment Act, No 16 of 1994

2.3 Policy Mandates
• Integrated Food Security Strategy , (2002
• Land Distribution Policy For Agricultural Development
• Integrated and Sustainable Rural Development Programme
• Comprehensive Rural Development Strategy, 2009
• Provincial Growth and Development Strategy, 2004

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