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IPM Integrated Project Management Inc. is a seasond Consulting firm with strong Business Acumen.  IPM  provides advisory, management, project management, process development, quality assurance, business consulting and business training services.   All services are customized to help the organization reach its goals.

IPM believes that our customers’ needs and goals  are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs and helping them reaching those goals.

As a result, a high percentage of our business is from referrals.  IPM’s work ethic is based upon the belief that “your business is our business”, which translates into “your success being our success”. We are dedicated to providing Management and Project Management based subject matter expertise to assist our clients in the development their projects and ultimately, their business.

In addition, IPM , through its network of associates, can bring a broad and varied expertise to the table to ensure the right experience is at your side during  strategic change management and the integration of the changes that projects bring.  IPM brings skilled communicators and negotiators accustomed to dealing with a range of individuals from field trades to executive management with experience developing plans, agreements and contracts in a collaborative work environment.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the services and support your need to achieve your goals.

Backed by 35 years of  management experience, IPM is committed to moving your project forward to achieve results.


To be the group that assists organizations with the realization of their  strategic plan.


To raise the professional standards within the client’s business practices;

To enhance the group’s ability through  growing the knowledge from within the group or in co-operation with others


By bringing groups, businesses, project teams timely ideas that will allow them to achieve their business goals, whether it be starting a business, commercialize a service or product, improve internal systems, improve the quality of their products or services and ensuring that these activities support Market development.


Client Types:

  • • Small or Remote Communities
  • • First Nations
  • • Government Departments
  • • Public Private Partnership Investment Projects (P3)
  • • Businesses with particular focus on construction or service industries

Types of Projects

  • • Initiating or Improving the Project Management Office
  • • Quality Assurance on existing Project Management processes
  • • Change Management Projects
  • • Construction Projects
  • • Targeted project process development  within large construction organizations
  • • Business re-structure from a functional to either a matrix or projectized organization
  • • Project Process development
  • • Business Development within a Projectized Market base
  • • Commercialization of new products using Project Management processes

Services Provided

  • • Integration of Projects into organizations and communities
  • • Change Management  (ADKAR)  Prosci® Certified
  • • Project Management within either a P2RP or PMI environment
  • • EVM Planning
  • • Strategic Planning
  • • Stakeholder Analysis, Engagement and Management
  • • Customized Training
  • • Market Analysis and Development Support
  • • Project Specific Advisory Services
  • • Project Process Quality Assurance
  • •Project Audit
  • Root Cause analysis and identification
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Business Planning and Commercialization
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