Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Organizational Structure

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To provide an effective and efficient parliamentary and cabinet, executive implementation, secretariat and management support services to the Director-General


United and transformed agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector that ensures food security for all and economic prosperity.


  • • Drive: driven to deliver excellent service through leadership and professionalism
  • • Attitude: being an ambitious, passionate, reliable and dedicated workforce
  • • Fairness: acting with objectivity, empathy, integrity and transparency
  • • Focus: focusing on people, economic and rural development


  • • SG1: Effective and efficient strategic leadership, governance and administration
  • • SO 1.1 Ensure compliance with statutory requirements and good governance prac­tices
  • • SO 1.2 Strengthen support, guidance and interrelation with stakeholders
  • • SO 1.3 Strengthen institutional mechanisms for integrated policy, planning, monitor­ing and evaluation in the sector
  • • SG2: Enhance production, employment and economic growth in the sector
  • • SO 2.1 Ensure increased production and productivity in prioritised areas as well as value chains
  • • SO 2.2 Effective management of bio-security and related sector risks
  • • SO 2.3 Ensure support for market access and processing of agricultural, forestry and fisheries products
  • • SG3: Enabling environment for food security and sector transformation
  • • SO 3.1 Lead and coordinate government food security initiatives
  • • SO 3.2 Enhance capacity for efficient delivery in the sector
  • • SO 3.3 Strengthen planning, implementation and monitoring of comprehensive sup­port programmes
  • • SG4: Sustainable use of natural resources in the sector
    • • SO 4.1 Ensure the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and recovery of depleted and degraded natural resources
    • • SO 4.2 Ensure adaptation and mitigation to climate change through effective im­plementation of prescribed frameworks
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