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ADC Energy started out as a trading company, trading in a range of products, which we buy from various suppliers and resell. Sometimes we did more of the specifying of these products than the companies themselves.

Trevor Reddy, an electrical engineer, also joined ADC Energy and heads up a technical division developing solutions for the electrical and mining sectors such as mining mini-subs, refurbishing of motors, fault locations and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA).

Our network of reputable agents in various African countries  ensures that we have continuous representation and are able to grasp opportunities and efficiently handle enquires.

Our Values

ADC Energy is governed by the following corporate values:

• Integrity and Honesty – We stand by our values and principles to ensure that our actions, methods and outcomes are consistent.

• Innovation Excellence – We transform knowledge and inventions into new services, products and processes.  We ensure that our customers benefit from our innovation excellence.

• Customer Orientation – We benchmark our products and services to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We also provide customer training to help them optimise their use of our products and services.

• Accuracy – We conduct business as accurately as possible. We make sure that all possible steps are taken to ensure that orders and products are correct and comply with acceptable standards.

• Commitment – Commitment to values, promises and goals is essential for business success.  We operate as a team and we are committed to our customers. We don’t believe in empty promises; we believe in action.

• Enthusiasm – We are not only enthusiastic about our people, products and services; we are also enthusiastic about our customers.  We believe that charity starts at home, so we start every day with renewed energy and we enjoy reaching out to our communities.

• Responsiveness – We are always alert and endeavour to be one step ahead.  We respond to changing conditions in an instant and we capitalise on opportunities. In addition, we are backed by systems and processes that can effortlessly handle change.

Our Recipe for Success

• Empowerment through continuous personnel training and skills development

• Working closely with our customers to meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations

• Keeping abreast of technology

• Training our customers to ensure optimised performance of our products and equipment

• Giving back to the community through social responsibility initiatives and investing in the communities we serve


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